I honestly hate my sister and can’t wait to go live in the city so I don’t have to see her. She’s always really horrible to me. I’m just excited to get away.

My Chemical Romance

"I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"


I’m Not Okay (I Promise) | My Chemical Romance

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Even though you’re so far away…

..sometimes at night in my bed, I can feel your spirit. Your cosmic energy.

You crawl underneath the covers and sing me songs badly.

Trying to get me to fall asleep. You know how tired I am. How world weary.

Maybe it’s the longing I am feeling over such great distances. Maybe it’s a sleepy brain functioning only on wishful thinking. But maybe you really are there sometimes. Keeping my ever restless mind some company. Singing me to sleep.

Oh how I wish you were. 

I am not a blogger I am actually an ice cream sandwich.

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She was like the sea on a stormy day. She could only destroy.

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I’m finally starting to believe that I can be happy and unafraid and have a real relationship with someone that’s healthy. I’m glad I remembered that love is real. I was beginning to forget about it.



Eat your fucking heart out 

I’m the cutest thing alive 

Fuck you guys you don’t gotta love it and if you’re dating a fat girl you should be loving all her body not only behind closed doors with the lights off.


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giving guys boners is empowering and nothing else matters 

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I keep watching Markipliers “virtual hug” video because his voice is so soothing and it feels like a real hUG whAT iS tHis FRICKIN BLACK MAGIC HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!